Current PC Build & Workspace: Allenby II


Custom PC Builds

I’ve been building custom PCs since the late 90’s, primarily for gaming. At the time, I didn’t care too much about the internal aesthetics, how clean and organized the internal components were. I focused solely on performance. Much has changed since then and over time, there’s been new markets and products targeting aesthetics. Modular power supplies, braided cables, custom liquid cooling, all-in-one liquid cooling units, LED lights, and modular cases – the list goes on. Since 2011, I’ve been incorporating all of these various products into my PC builds. It’s been a challenge building these systems in a way that flows nicely, where cables are well organized and components match, all the while maintaining minimal maintenance – it’s become very much an art. Today, I don’t game as often as I used too, my IT career and love of photography has lead to more powerful builds. I need more storage space and processing power to host multiple virtual machines/servers, while also post processing photos and video. In the end, I am very proud of the systems that I’ve built, each one has evolved as my needs have changed over the years – enjoy.

PC BUILD 2018: Allenby II

PC Build 2017: Allenby

PC Build 2014: ErgoProxy II

PC Build 2011: ErgoProxy